With more than 200 man-years of experience in semiconductor, LED, MEMS, photovoltaics (PV) solar and medical/lab automation systems, we bring the most intelligent components, sub-systems, equipment and total solution to meet your unique clean-room robotics and automation requirements.

  • Standard or custom tool development,
  • Robotics and peripherals
  • High precision tooling
  • Tool integration & connectivity

Seamless integration, performs like a quartet

By Quartet Mechanics

Core Technology

Quartet Mechanics' core technology lies in the area of micron-level (sub 5 µm) precision material handling, machine vision systems, advanced clean-room robotics and custom automation. All our components are designed as modules, so a single tool can bridge between various substrate materials, sizes, shapes, process steps with no or limited change-over.

Why Us

Thick Wafer Compound or bonded wafers

The multi-functional wafer handler with sensor-controlled SoftTouch mechanism sets Quartet Mechanics apart from competitors.

Thin Wafer Post Grinding

We launched the 1st 6"/8" vortex handler in 2007, 1st 12" in 2012, coupled with the SoftTouch mechanism - proving that we are a true leader in the industry.

Tool Design Semi-standard or custom

Common platform design for all wafer sizes; design to assure the system's functionality, versatility, cost of ownership, and ease of upgrading

Prototyping/Tooling In-House machine shop

Fast prototyping is permitted with our full top-of-line machining & measurement facility.

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