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Quartet Mechanics Prelude AWP family of wafer packing systems provides superior performance at an affordable price. The AWS platform has been optimized to provide a uniform solution for the transfer of wafers of most sizes and thicknesses. The utilization of vortex end effectors with our proprietary SoftTouch gripping mechanism ensures damage free wafer transfers between shipping containers and cassettes.

System Feature

  • Handles special wafers including 50 to 1900 µm thick or perforated; allowable wafer distortion: up to 8mm.
  • 4”, 6”, 8” or 12” in size; multi wafer size bridge available
  • 2 jar ports and 1 cassette/SMIF or auto FOUP ports, detect carrier presence; detect empty double or cross slotted wafer, FFU/Ionizer and additional ports available
  • Wafer prealign (vacuum + edge grip or edge grip only)
  • OCR support for top, bottom, or both. Most common codes supported
  • Sorting (merge/split/transfer) and flipping
  • Software driven or manual manipulated operation; SECS/GEM communication

For thin to thick wafer

Support wafer jar pack/unpack with top approach available only

  • SAFE UNPACKING: equipped with same vortex and SoftTouch mechanism(jar)
  • ~120 WPH

Demonstration Video

Download Product Flyer

Download Flyer

Quartet Mechanics Introduction (PDF)
Bondless Wafer Stacking (PDF)