Enabling fragile wafer mid-end processing


Temporary bonding is used by mid-end processing manufacturers to handle thinned wafers. However, it has limited temperature budget and the chemical can sometimes cause yield issues.

Quartet Mechanics offers MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) manufacturers’ mid-end processing a wafer vehicle free from the traditional chemical bonding. This novel mechanical-based fragile wafer stacking solution features high precision alignment (± 5 µm); high yield is reached with its intelligent vision-guided robotic transferring and fixturing that prevents damage of delicate thin, warped or perforated wafers.

High Precision Wafer Fixturing

Cost effective fully automated wafer alignment and insertion of wafer or wafers stacks into fixturing for paste dispensing, low temperature bake, deposition processes and wafer dicing

  • Device & handle wafers are aligned and ID captured
  • Device wafer then moved to insert to fixture with ± 5 µm precision
  • Fixture can be used for masking or dicing

Handle Wafer Stacking

While fixturing is not allowed for processes such as high temperature bake and etch processes specialized robotic end effectors load wafer stacks to quartz boats for bake or etch operations while maintaining alignment

  • Device & handle wafers are aligned and ID captured prior to stacking
  • Optional auto wafer clipping/unclipping available

Product Demonstration

Download Product Flyer

Download Flyer

Quartet Mechanics Introduction (PDF)
Bondless Wafer Stacking (PDF)