Vertically Integrated Engineering Service

As a vertically integrated solution provider, Quartet Mechanics brings you value-added engineering services and wafer handling automation systems. Equipped with production-ready building blocks, we deliver time- and cost- efficient standard, semi-standard or custom systems for your application.

Tool Automation

Quartet Mechancis is a full service engineering & system integration company which develops and installs robotic-based work cells & integrated systems for wafer handling to meet class 1 to 100 cleanliness requirements. Our service includes:

  • Proof of concept; feasibility study; prototyping
  • Standardizatin and small-to-mid-volume manufacturing
  • Highly configurable platform; design for all wafer sizes; compact footprint
  • Easy system operation software; MES integration or SECS/GEM host communication


With years of automation implementation experience, we also offer 。

  • Fixturing design to better facilitate a high efficient and cost effective handling automation
  • Our facility is equipped with tier-one CNC machine tools, including multi-spindle lathe and horizontal manufacturing cells, enabling close-tolerance work (±.0002") on a wide variety of plastics and exotic metals


For the traditional sorters that are designed to handle standard wafer, we have solution to retrofit to bring those to meet today and tomorrow's wafer handliingneeds.

  • Adding flipping movement
  • Adding vortex gripper for thin or warpped wafer handling

Building Blocks

Edge Grip End Effector

SoftTouch mechanism with programmable gripping force enables the gripping tips to gently touch the wafer on the exclusion zone only thus minimizing particle generation while maintaining a secure hold.
Substrate: Top- or bottom-pick, handles from 50~1900 µm thick substrates, round or square (vortex type available for ultra thin, warped and potato-chip like wafers)
Options: include self-centering, waterproof, high temperature, and integrated mapping/presence sensor

Wafer Aligner

Vacuum grip: Offer high speed capability with ~2-second aligning time. The prealigner can handle 50 to 300mm with either software driven (no change-over) or manual (5-min change-over) adjusting. It can automatically recognize notches, flats and double flats on standard semi- or transparent or potato-chip like wafers.
Edge grip: The IEG Aligner 200mm and 300mm comes with our edge grip self-centering feature that allows you to achieve significantly higher reliability and helps minimize particle creation associated with friction during wafer shifts and drops. As with all of our wafer-handling products, the IEG Aligner has been proven to have absolutely no back side contamination.
Vacuum-edge hybrid: Hybrid vacuum and SoftTouch edge grip prealigner for thin and warped wafers


3~5 axis: Depending on project application and budget, an appropriate clean room robot model will be selected. All robots are proven to have high reliability and low maintenance cost. For a seamless integration and easy customization our in-house robot, CE and ISO class 1 certified, will be recommended.
6-axis: Working with our partner to offer custom tool uliizing 6-axis robot


Through beam: Our home-grown precision through-beam sensors are specially designed for wafer mapping, aligning and positioning. They are designed to prevent production line stoppages and expensive crashes by identifying ALL wafer misplacements - stacked, cross-slotted and empty slots, especiallly compatible for wafer such as compound or thin/warped wafers.
Detection module: Many sub-systems are modulized, such as carrier presence and wafer protrusion, wafer presence, wafer vs. interleaf detection or high precision alignment module


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