Single tool for multi size, thickness and warpage


As the Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging fans out to more back-end packaging houses, the need of handling multiple wafer sizes, thicknesses or distorted wafers slowly stops users relying on the traditional wafer sorters. Built with over 80% proprietary and innovative components, Quartet Mechanics clearly distinguishes itself from other equipment manufacturers. Quartet offers an “A la carte” menu to tailor a versatile tool to your specifications.

System Feature

  • Handles special wafers including 50 to 1800 µm thick or perforated; allowable wafer distortion: up to 8mm
  • 4”, 6”, 8” or 12” in size; multi wafer size bridge available
  • 2 cassette/SMIF or auto FOUP ports, detect carrier presence; detect empty double or cross slotted wafer, FFU/Ionizer and additional ports available
  • Wafer prealign (vacuum + edge grip or edge grip only)
  • OCR support for top, bottom, or both. Most common codes supported
  • Sorting (merge/split/transfer) and flipping
  • Software driven or manual manipulated operation; SECS/GEM communication

For Thick Wafers

It features handling wafers of 4”~12” in size (with little to no change over required) and 300~ 1900 µm in thickness; (max warpage 8mm)

  • Applying the SoftTouch mechanism means that gripping tips do not shoot on the wafer, but rather gently touch (hug) the wafer edge. The slightest contact between gripper tips and the wafer edge sends a signal to the device control mechanism, which in turn calculates and applies the applicable pre-programmed (1N~7N) gripping force
  • Rotating distal gripping tips is a feature that allows for random access of 150/200mm wafers into small pitch cassette, boat or any narrow gates

For Thin Wafers

Vortex handling solution provides superior handling of all types of wafers, including thin wafers (50~800 µm) , allowable wafer distortion up to 8mm; with no contact between the wafer and end effectors

  • By integrating our SoftTouch mechanism, it overcomes any potential problems associated with thin wafer handling such as sideward shifting or rotation
  • System equipped with intelligent airflow management

Product Demonstration

Download Product Flyer

Download Flyer

Quartet Mechanics Introduction (PDF)
Bondless Wafer Stacking (PDF)