Slide background PRELUDE WAFER PACKER Highly configurable platform Vortex "contactless" wafer handling Configurable for most containers types Common platform design for all wafer sizes READ MORE
Slide background 3 FOUP WAFER SORTER Compatible with "8" and "12" wafers Available FOUP, FOSB, SMIF and cassette Multiple upgrade options:Front pick, flipper Transfer special wafer( glass, wide thinkness,
thin warped, perforated, highly warped)
Slide background MICROSCOPE LOADER Suitable for a variety of models of microscopes One machine can be compatible with "8" and 12" wafers Sepical SoftTouch end effector and aligner Simple man-machine interface READ MORE
Slide background HIGH PECISION WAFER MARKER Highly configurable platform, up to 6 ports Uniform spot size covers 300mm x 300mm wide area High precision marking, less area needed Contactless handling READ MORE
Unlimited Wafer Handling Possibilities

Robotic automation with micron-level precision and repeatability for the handling, alignment, and placement of most delicate substrates.


It features handling wafers of 4”~12” in size (with little to no change over required) and 300~1900 µm in thickness; our vortex solution handles 50~800 µm for thin warped wafers (max warpage 8mm). Special intelligence is designed to safely pick, map, align and capture ID for special wafers of wide range. .. (more)


The Prelude AWS platform has been optimized to provide a uniform solution for the transfer of wafers of most sizes and thicknesses. The utilization of vortex end effectors with our proprietary SoftTouch gripping mechanism ensures damage free...(more)


Mechanical-based fragile wafer stacking solution features high precision alignment (± 5 µm); high yield is reached with its intelligent vision-guided robotic transferring and fixturing that prevents damage of delicate thin, warped or perforated wafers....(more)